Student Membership classification

SEG Student Members receive these special benefits:

  • Online access to The Leading Edge Digital Edition and access to the SEG Digital Library
  • Minimal admission fee to the SEG Annual Meeting and Exposition
  • SEG scholarship opportunities
  • Student discounts on continuing education courses, workshops and on books purchased in the SEG Book Mart
  • Student Chapters may be available in some locations
  • Upon graduation, student members are eligible to transfer to Associate Membership and receive FREE dues
  • And most of all, through association with fellow SEG members, students enjoy the benefit of developing professional contact and industry ties, increasing opportunities in networking, and guidance in career planning/development

CGG          Statoil

Corporate Sponsorship Program

CGG and Statoil are the corporate sponsors of the Student Membership Corporate Sponsorship Program. Under this program, CGG and Statoil will pay your dues in exchange for your basic personal contact information contained within SEG's membership records.

More information about SEG Student Membership

Applicants for student membership must complete an application form and return it to SEG. Current student members are sent a dues statement annually for renewal. Student membership terminates at the close of the calendar year in which the student member ceases to be a graduate or an undergraduate student in good standing.

Upon graduation, student members are eligible for FREE associate membership dues for the first year following graduation. Please contact the SEG membership department (+1.918.497.5531) to request a transfer to associate membership and your FREE dues for one year.

Student Member application

If you meet the eligibility requirements, SEG invites you to apply for membership. We recommend that you gather a few materials before you start the application process. This will help speed up the process and ensure a successful completion of your application:

  • Have a professor/faculty reference  name and email ready. If you are submitting this application in print, your professor/faculty member must complete and sign the reference section.

Please choose the option which works best for you:

Online form – Fill out and submit an application directly from our website.


Printable form
- Open and then print this PDF file. Please print or type to complete the application and either fax to the SEG Membership department at 1-918-497-5565 or mail to:

Society of Exploration Geophysicists
P.O. Box 801501
Kansas City, MO 64180-1501